It is never to early to get this pair of Fall Color Beaded Socks - beautiful colors and you can wear them now!!

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Get these pretty pair of Beaded Socks!   They are made with pretty fall colors but you can wear them now with your pretty outfit.  You can also buy them now and keep them for the Fall!!  These socks are made with Yellow/Brown/Orange Beads that are triple crochet by using a special technique that I invented to show a lot of beads on a single row.

The following sizes are available:


6-18 month

18-36 month



5 ½ - 8 ½

9- 2 ½



Contact me with any questions regarding sizes.  What I ask is when you pay, please let me know the size you need.

Please use caution when young girls wear these socks, even though they are knotted several times, accidents can happen and we do not want that, do we??

I would recommend either hand washing the socks or put in a mesh bag.   If you prefer to put them in with other clothes, it may be a good idea not to put them in the dryer because of the beads.  Use your own judgment.

If you have a B Local Card, I will be offering free shipping, when you check out, notify me that you have the card with the discount code and if free shipping isn’t offer, I will adjust your invoice for the free shipping.

Again, if you have any questions regarding size, availability, please contact me, I am here to please you as my customer.