5 pairs of the Colors of the Rainbow Beaded Socks - my signature Beaded Socks

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This listing is for 5 pairs of beautiful Beaded Socks that I beaded with the Colors of the Rainbow.  They are my signature Beaded Socks.

I have all sizes available from infants up to and including Adult Size.  Please contact me prior to purchase if you have any questions regarding the sizes and I will help you choose the best pair(s) of Beaded Socks that you will wear with pride or give them as gifts!!

As in all small items, please be careful when young children wear them.  While they are tied several times very tight, mishaps can occur and we do not want anyone to get injured.

I will offer free shipping on this particular listing.  If you want more than five pairs of my beautiful Beaded Socks, not a problem, just let me know how many you would like and we can make arrangements to give you what you want.

Remember, adults can wear these socks too!!  They make great gifts!